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From Generation to Generation 

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...the image represents how we are all connected, our stories are woven together, and each of us has a purpose in the beauty of God’s continued unfolding creation. Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman, logo designer

Join us this Advent season as we utilize the resources from A Sanctified Art  'From Generation to Generation'. Daily reflections, art, poems and artist commentary invite us to look at the characters in our scriptures and wonder: What did each character pass on or contribute? How did each character participate in God’s liberation and love?  

The theme is also a call to action: What is our role now? What is our generation’s task? What are we being called to generate or bring forth? What have your ancestors and those who have come before you passed on for you to continue? Who are the spiritual elders in your community who planted the seeds for the things that are now blooming? What seeds are you planting for the future?


From Generation to Generation reminds us of the ways our lives, histories, actions, and stories are interconnected and woven together. In the midst of narratives, policies, and rhetoric designed to divide us, what does it look like to practice belonging to one another? The work of God is always unfolding— in and through us. 

Rev. David Horn will be leading our Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany worship. Mary Jo will be leading conversations and theme-related projects in the time before worship—plan to come early and participate in this special time to share your thoughts about what you have gained from past generations and what you will carry forth.

Faith Formation

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(Christian Education) is usually held before worship service. We have inter-generational "hands-on" learning activities and discussions.



Young Women Brainstorming

Women's Fellowship meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the social hall (during the school year).  


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Vocal, bell and hand-chime choirs directed by Anna Robinson, are open to adults and children, no experience necessary.