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The mission of John Knox Presbyterian Church is to grow in Christ, be inspired to spread his Word, share his love throughout the community, and experience joy on the way.

A Note from Pastor John:

A couple of weeks ago I was sharing with you about “A Strategy for Stress.” And I was only able to share how important it is to acknowledge the role that stress has in our lives and how universal stress is, even for Christians. The real question is: how do you handle your stress?

There are lots of ways that different people give for combating stress from bio-feedback to massage, to regular use of spas, to running and regular exercise. I have found that most people have a favorite way of dealing with stress; the problem is, they just never get around to using their technique.

I hope you know who your real friends are! Your real friends are good
for you, and when you think of them, you should automatically smile. When stress starts to wear you down – then spend some time with those who are good for you.

When life starts to get you down, find some music that really brings good memories for you. Do you remember how you like to go for that walk that means so much to you? Can you remember how much you enjoyed reading that special book in that special chair?

Make sure you are laughing every day. Laughs are necessary to combat the life stress that is out there. There are lots of things to laugh about and the divine sense of humor is offered as a gift to all.

Take time to slow down and smell the roses - or as Jesus said, “Observe the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.” Yes, God is still dependable and his promise to care for us is still in effect.

There are many who have claimed that Sunday

Worship is what best lowers their stress level.  I am looking

forward to seeing you there next week!


                       In the love of Christ, 


                                 Dr. John

Dr. John




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