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Mission Statement

The mission of John Knox Presbyterian Church is to grow in Christ, be inspired to spread his Word, share his love throughout the community, and experience joy on the way.

A Note from Pastor John:

This year, Christmas was wonderful here at John Knox P.C.  The music, the children’s pageant, the piano playing by Rose, and the wonderful worship experiences with Anna and Bethany; plus there was a wonderful attitude of caring expressed through the giving to the Deacon’s Christmas projects. The Christmas Eve Service was so very meaningful with the readings, carols and candles. What a great way to really celebrate Christmas!

As we look to the start of the New Year I hope you are taking the time to slow down and actually make some resolutions for the new year.  Maybe you are going to live a more healthy life style, or this could be a time when you are going to  keep to that diet.  What we intend to do may be as important as what we have been.

As you start out on a fresh year it is my hope that you will sense the wonderful adventure of walking with God and connecting with others in life-transforming relationships. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Sunday Worship. 


                     In the Love of Christ, 


                                      Dr. John

Dr. John




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